Magic Bird

Part 3: A dork in York

Thursday, February 18, 2010 I got up from my restless bed and headed off for York.

Just 2 pleasant hours on Brit Rail took me to York station. Then, a simple 15 minute walk down the road, across the Museum gardens, and through the wall, and I was at my lovely home away from home- the Coach House B&B. Just 20 more pounds per night than in London got me a room in a 300 year old building, complementary breakfast, custody of the cutest key, TEA TEA TEA, a new understanding of civilization, and prepared me to meet and greet friends old and new and dearly loved from afar.
Mind the gap! Many giant pictures.
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Lucious XIII

Part the second; Pilgramage, respect, awe, and wonder.

And so I went along the road to Mecca. Well… my Mecca. The British Museum

This is one of the most magical places in the world. And mark my words; the spells worked there are not all the rainbows and unicorns kind. This edifice is chock full of the best artwork, cultural reference pieces, etc. of the planet. It is easy to stand in awe of it all and forget how it was acquired. Piracy, like that of the Norsemen or even the Buccaneers never died. The BM collections are testament to that. And there is a large amount of grave robbing there too. I have very mixed feelings about all of this. But I cannot deny my fascination and wonder.

Here I am about to go through the doors

Many images, words and geekery signs past the gap.

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Adventure: part the first- the glasses, the journey, and the dorky stuff.

Lovely Sheryl gave me a ride to the airport on Tuesday Feb. 16.

Here I am rearing to go- note supportive cup of java and wet hair from last shower of civilization. And glasses (which I have recently been told are “cute”- as if anything about me is “cute”- compelling, consternating, snarky- sure- but cute? Please!!!! Almost as bad as having my hands referred to as dainty! ) - bet you didn’t know I wear glasses, did you? Sometimes I do when contacts aren’t practical. And yes, I am enough of a geek that I am wearing my Viking Journey graphic tee-shirt. You know you are jealous!

Anyhow- dearest Sheryl dropped me off and I was lucky to be there in time to get an earlier flight than originally planned. My carry on only luggage policy paid off immediately as I was selected over another poor soul with 4 pieces of checked luggage. This meant making my connecting flight instead of wasting precious time in Newark. I took advantage of the in flight video to catch up an some shows I had never seen- “Nurse Jackie”- excellent and acidic- the way I like my comedy, and “This American Life” . When it was sleepy time (hah!), I put on a film called “Bright Star”. Alas, sleep did not come and I was forced to watch it. I tried knitting, crocheting, etc. Finally, I pulled out my reading travel treat- Gaiman’s “Neverwhere” Absolutely perfect reading for anyone going to London!

Arrived Heathrow at approx. 7am local time. Customs was nearly deserted so I got through just fine until I answered truthfully that I was there for Jorvik 25. The guy was startled I knew about anything specifically UK, I think.

But eventually, I was allowed to pass and I just followed the hurried flow to the Tube station and the train to King’s Cross Station. Checked in my bag at Left Luggage, got my first official cuppa, and hopped back on a train for Mecca.

Allow me to establish some things here:
1. The plainest day in the UK is likely better than anything recently at home, so, yeah, I’m gunna gush. Deal.
2. I kept a photo tea journal. I was double dog dared.
3. I did a lot of self-portrait shots. In many different settings. You are forewarned.

Adventure Bound!

Well! In a few short hours I will be off an a glorious adventure. Well, at least gloriously cold adventure.

I'm going here
and will be participating in a variety of activities including the reenactments on Saturday with my UK Peeps
On the way in, I will have an afternoon in London to pay my respects to this man

I will also have an afternoon to finally meet, in person, dearest Jackie
And to visit some friends I have not seen in years.

This trip represents a tremendous accumulation of blessings. When I started to get my health in order a few years ago, this particular event- the 25th Anniversary Festival, 20th anniversary with Regia- was one of the things I dreamed of attending. In the past, my poor health prevented me from traveling much. Now, I am able to travel, without chaperon, and see the world. I am so excited and nervous, and anxious, and eager to have fun. I'm fearful of the cold- but I have a small fortune in wool clothing in my....are you ready.....CARRY ON SUITCASE! Yes, folks, I am doing this week of travel with a carry on bag and a giant purse. That in itself is a source of terror, but I can't take more than I can carry. I had to make sacrifices- like I am only taking ONE pair of earrings. In the event of an fashion emergency, I'll be forced to purchase some more at the British Museum or something like that. We have to be prepared to do all it takes to survive, don't you know!


Horn of Gondor

hitting ground running fast can't stop !!!!!!!!!!!!!

So many GOOD things are going on. And I still haven;t even posted about all the cool stuff I did and learned last year.

On January 8 Mr. Man and I saw this guy talk about food, work, and the future of American gastronomy.

The following Friday, My super hip friend Christine and I went to see this guy where I learned he has written more than one song about me. And several about her. No, really he has. We know this in our hearts. No, we are not stalkers. Yes. We'll step away from the stage.

But, we sold t-shirts for him. Doesn't that mean we are special?

I have been to farmer's market a bunch, have plans to take some art classes, am planning several other trips, and I am going to have a supercalifragalisticexpialidocius adventure next week where I will likely freeze parts off.

But for now, I am off to Georgia to deliver a key lime pie to an Englishman.
Pumpkin Cake

Merry Midwinter!

Note so cute and fuzzy, are they?

Want some goofy celebration ideas? YUM! Cute and nutterbuttery super duper cute. Honestly, I would die of squee if someone served me this any time of year. this has so many possibilities! I'm so tempted to wear this to work today .

And here is a cute little song. So cheerful until you listen to the actual words. : )

make it work


What's surprised you the most about me (if anything) since beginning to read my LJ (or when you met me in real life, for those who have)? Has anything about me been completely unexpected or have I always fit the picture of me you had in your head?

Some hope.....

These made my heart sing- still a sad song- but sing none the less

If you can keep faith in something, you can heal and go on. BTW- Take a lesson here Pat

Your job is the one you are given to do at that moment. Accept and rise on the wings of eagles

Sugar + willpower= miracles happen

Family is not blood, but heart and soul

Even this guy has a clue

Heroes all

Dr. King- I see you here in these acts and words of faith and kindness. Thank you for everything. Your dream lives on in many places and forever.