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Part 3: A dork in York

Thursday, February 18, 2010 I got up from my restless bed and headed off for York.

Just 2 pleasant hours on Brit Rail took me to York station. Then, a simple 15 minute walk down the road, across the Museum gardens, and through the wall, and I was at my lovely home away from home- the Coach House B&B. Just 20 more pounds per night than in London got me a room in a 300 year old building, complementary breakfast, custody of the cutest key, TEA TEA TEA, a new understanding of civilization, and prepared me to meet and greet friends old and new and dearly loved from afar.
Mind the gap! Many giant pictures.

My room
Civilization-what do I mean by that? Well- they have this magic mini radiator thing in the bathrooms that is there for the sole purpose to MAKE YOUR TOWELS WARM when you get out of the shower! ZOMG!!!!!!

And, I discovered an important exchange rate.
2 dogs, 4 blankets, 1 man US= 1 down filled duvet +/- x(hot water bottle). I was so toasty warm at night- didn’t even need PJs! And the bed. Ohhhh, the bed.

_THE_ bed

The medieval city wall as viewed from my window.

Tea at a B&B
After a spot of tea my friend Jackie Cardy arrived. She had been cautioned by friends about the dangers of meeting a person who is only known from the internet. But she was very brave and I don’t think I terrified her too much. Jackie and I have been internet pals for a while. She is a mixed media fiber artist who specializes in hand dyed textiles and free motion machine embroidery. I am very lucky to own several of her pieces of art work. And I am lucky to call her a friend. She is so very nice and expressive and a very caring person. She gifted me with this beautiful piece just as we were leaving to go to the National Quilt Museum. At the museum, we saw Vikings, and quilts, but little connection between them. After that, we strolled around a bit looking for fun shops. And then, it was time for Betty’s! We had tea, and I had some of the best ice cream I have ever had in my life, and Jackie had tarty things of Yorky goodness and it was a perfect afternoon.

Me and Jackie!


Gorgeousness from Jackie

Jackie drove home (in snow) and I snuggled in the bed for the night. Didn’t sleep long, but slept deep and still. A real rarity for me. I awoke on Friday morning eagerly awaiting the arrival of Martin and Clare Wlliams- my bestest Regia peeps who I hadn’t seen in 3 years.
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