banchomarba1 (banchomarba1) wrote,

On the 3rd day of Halloween, Sid ga-ave to Ms. B.....

A sweet and sinister double whammy.

First, a gratuitous excuse to use Martha packaging and download ideas.

A "cracker" decorated with Halloween paper and a little pumpkin pipe cleaner imp dude.
The imp was from this free download from Martha

I used tulle on the ends instead of tissue paper because I wanted the cracker to be reusable. Inside the cracker was a pack of Ferro Rochet Hazelnut Chocolate Balls. And yes, that is a Paper towel tube. No toilette paper tubes in crafts around here!

The Cracker was tied to an envelope containing this:

A vintage style honeycomb pumpkin and a Jack-o-Lantern Field guide. The Field guide is a free download from this fabulous site:

The Toymaker is one of the first free download art sites I ever found. It is maintained by
Marylin Scoot-Waters. An AMAZING and generous artists who is fully committed to keeping simple magic in the lives of children of all ages.
Tags: 13, halloween, sweet and sinister treats for ms. b

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