banchomarba1 (banchomarba1) wrote,

Gift the 7th, for Ms. B

Today, Ms. B received a "Haunt Your Office" kit. It includes Halloween Bingo- office and adult versions, a very dorky light up jack-o-lantern pen, a Goblin-o-matic decision making spinner, spiders and spider webs, a pack of spider glitter for instant infestation because surely, someone she knows at work deserves that, and some microwave popcorn.

I don't know about where you work, but microwave popcorn is a tool of evil at school. If it get burnt, it stinks up the whole school, if it gets popped successfully it haunts everyone and teachers will wander the halls on break looking to snitch some, and it is usually what the PTA gives us for incentive rewards. Mathe teachers even do probability and percentage lessons with it. And of course, when I do daily living skills with my students, we talk about safety when opening the bags and how to be polite about shoving hand fulls of it in your face.
Tags: halloween, swaps, sweet and sinister

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